Sidekicks Taekwondo Classes

Sidekicks Taekwondo Classes at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy include:


  • Taekwondo Classes for Kids

  • Taekwondo Classes for Teens

  • Taekwondo Classes for Adults

Sidekicks Instructors guide each student along while supporting their individual progress.




Do girls practice Taekwondo?



Yes! A lot of girls practice Taekwondo. Young girls can learn to practice Taekwondo. In fact, girls outnumber boys in Sidekicks Taekwondo classes. Girls that take Sidekicks Taekwondo classes typically are very good Taekwondo students. Most noteworthy, they are good at following the instruction and thus, often advance faster than the boys. This is a fact that GMO has observed over the 35 + years that he has been teaching Kids Taekwondo classes.

Girls from age 5 can be quite good at Taekwondo!  You can check out a few videos here from Sidekicks Martial Arts students in action.



Can women learn to practice Taekwondo?


Yes, definitely.  Sidekicks Taekwondo classes allow women to emphasize their innate physical strengths. Women naturally have lots of leg power.  Sidekicks Taekwondo classes help them to access and harness their intrinsic strength. For that reason, learning and practicing Taekwondo as a woman, is an excellent method of physical self-development.

Here on the Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy You Tube Channel, are many videos of girls practicing Taekwondo.