What is Sparring?


Sometimes when parents watch a martial arts class at Sidekicks and see their child sparring for the first time, they may wonder what is going on?

Be assured, that its safe. The kids wear padded headgear, gloves, boots, and as a safety measure, reinforced chest gear, groin protectors. masks, which are all required protective sparring gear.  Even the Sidekicks floor is padded, to mitigate injures. When they spar, its under the supervision of the lead teachers and GMO.


Kids training in martial arts practice sparring as one of the testing components to get to the next belt level. The Sparring skills that the Sidekicks Taekwondo students have to learn is structured and very specific. Each belt grade has it’s own unique sparring moves.  Check it out in some of the Sidekicks Kids Sparring videos.

See videos of Sidekicks Kids Sparring

How to put on taekwondo sparring gear