Okay, so everyone wants to know, “What does it take to become a Black Belt?”


Here are the FAQ’S:


It certainly takes Perseverance.

Sidekicks Perseverance

Grandmaster Orange will have a lot to say about that.  Once we get a chance to interview him about it.  But for now, we will start by saying, Perseverance.  It definitely takes stick-to-it-tive-ness to become a Black Belt!


There may be times when you don’t feel that you are progressing.  There will be more times when you aren’t in the mood for practicing.  Above all, you will encounter days that you feel like quitting.  🙁   Well… DON’T.



You may have heard the famous saying, “A Black Belt is simply a White Belt who never gave up.”



And if you need inspiration around that, ask any of the Sidekicks Instructors or current Sidekicks Black Belts.