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San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy Grandmaster Orange
San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy Grandmaster Orange

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It’s not often that a martial arts academy has a Grandmaster teaching classes, especially in San Diego!


San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy was founded by Grandmaster Maurice Orange. GMO opened his first Taekwondo school in 1980. He founded San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy in 1989.


Still running the academy, and often teaching classes, legendary Grandmaster Orange “GMO” instills his students with a keen sense of self confidence and respect for elders. Hence he’s coaching both students and their parents about life.


San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy offers new students free classes for one week. Come try Taekwondo with Grandmaster Orange! APPLY HERE


San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, Inc. provides holistic martial arts training programs geared to bring out the best in you and your child. Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy emphasizes academic excellence, family responsibility and personal protection for children.  Learn more about Sidekicks Taekwondo Style here.

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Finally, check back often for new content from Sidekicks martial arts classes and testings.  You’ll find current martial arts news and Throwback Thursday Sidekicks news archived over the past 33 years.  In addition, Sidekicks News includes Grandmaster Orange speaking to Sidekicks students and their parents. Furthermore, we will continue adding news clips about Sidekicks martial arts training.

Sidekicks Student from Yuma
  • Did you know that Grandmaster Orange used to have a Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy location in Rancho San Diego? Well he sure did. For eleven years. Now the location is still a martial arts studio. It is currently Aspire Mart

  • If you’ve been around San Diego County for a while, you’d be familiar with the DARE Program.  DARE was San Diego County Sheriff Department’s Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. DARE volunteer representa

  • Where it all began!!  Grandmaster Orange started National City Taekwondo Center, way before most of his current students existed, way back in nineteen hundred and eighty three.  That’s right, folks, 1983.   Here

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Here is the Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy calendar of Sidekicks special events. It includes Sidekicks Testing Days.  Additionally, GMO will announce events in class, that may not be posted here.  Above all Sidekicks students, keep well informed by coming to all of your classes!