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San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy Grandmaster Orange
San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy Grandmaster Orange

San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy




Karate classes build self confidence, the most powerful gift you can give your child.  Schedule a meeting with Grandmaster Orange to determine if Sidekicks is a good fit for you both.


It’s not often that a martial arts academy has a Grandmaster teaching classes, especially in San Diego!

San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy was founded by Grandmaster Maurice Orange. GMO opened his first Taekwondo school in 1980. He founded San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy in 1989.


Still running the academy, and often teaching classes, legendary Grandmaster Orange “GMO” instills his students with a keen sense of self confidence and respect for elders. Hence he’s coaching both students and their parents about life.


Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy offers new students free classes for one week. Come try Taekwondo with Grandmaster Orange!




San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, Inc. provides holistic martial arts training programs geared to bring out the best in you and your child. Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy emphasizes academic excellence, family responsibility and personal protection for children. Also, all Sidekicks instructors are CPR certified and experienced in teaching children. Learn more about Sidekicks Instructors here.

Here in this video, see one of Sidekicks Martial Arts newest instructors in action. Him and his younger brother and sister have all been practicing Taekwondo with Grandmaster Orange for ten years. He’s currently eligible for third degree black belt.

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Finally, check back often for new content from Sidekicks martial arts classes and testings. You’ll find current martial arts news and Throwback Thursday Sidekicks news archived over the past 33 years.

In addition, Sidekicks News includes Grandmaster Orange speaking to Sidekicks students and their parents. Furthermore, we will continue adding news clips about Sidekicks martial arts training.

  • This right from the GMO Sidekicks Archives: Grandmaster Orange on Taekwondo World Magazine Cover from Summer 1989. Yes, yours truly, Grandmaster Orange was featured on Taekwondo World Magazine Cover demonstrating the Taekwond

  • Parents love Sidekicks for their kids. One parent explains that her 7 year old son has gained so much confidence since he's been taking Taekwondo classes at Sidekicks. We love to hear stories like this from Sidekicks families

  • GMO was not even Grandmaster Orange yet. He was only a seventh degree black belt, thus Master Orange. Still he was honored as local hero.  In typical form to how he’d act today, Grandmaster Orange thought, “do I g

Sidekicks Upcoming Events


Here is Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy calendar of Sidekicks special events. It includes Sidekicks Testing Days. Additionally, GMO will announce events in class, that may not be posted here. Above all Sidekicks students, keep well informed by coming to all of your classes!

The Community of Paradise Hills and San Diego loves training at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy.

The best martial arts for children in San Diego.

Classes are open so parents are involved in watching their kids participate.

Learn from the best martial arts instructor in San Diego.


Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy is a proud member of San Diego City Schools partners in education and is highly recommended by teachers and school administrators.


Sidekicks is very conveniently located in the Alta View Shopping Center, where it has been in Suite Q for more than 30 years, longer than Ralph’s has been there. You’ll easily find plenty of free parking.


We understand that choosing a martial arts school is a big decision. You want to make the right choice because you care deeply about your child’s well being.

Rest assured, Grandmaster Orange knows about training kids. In fact, Grandmaster Orange has trained lots of kids that went on to become martial arts teachers themselves. Some of them now own their own martial arts schools including:


Johnny Morris at Aspire Martial Arts

Darryl Johnson at In Your Corner

Jamaica Sidekicks

Grandmaster Pete Johnson


Sidekicks does more than deliver on customers’ expectations, Sidekicks exceeds them. Enrolling your child in the same martial arts school you attended and with the same instructor you had would be the ultimate example of buying a service again. At Sidekicks this happens all the time. In fact, we’ve named them second generation students!


Sidekicks is a Community. Here’s what community members are saying about Sidekicks:

What if your child was always opening the door for you? Courtesy


What if your child got in the habit of always telling the truth? Integrity


 What if your child developed the trait of never giving up? Perseverance


What if your child behaved well and spoke kindly of others at home and school? Self Control


What if your child was able to get up and keep on going even in the face of difficulties? Indomitable Spirit


Could you imagine how fantastic you’d both feel? Victory!

At Sidekicks it’s Virtue Reality.


Grandmaster Orange and his instructors instill these virtues of Taekwondo on Sidekicks students. From their first day in class, Sidekicks martial arts students start learning and practicing the martial arts virtues.